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A Lean, Mean Cooking Machine

I took 2 days off of work to decompress after a stressful few months. Originally the plan had been to go camping but that changed about a month ago. Instead, I didn't make any plans. When I finished my training run at the track yesterday I decided to spend a good part of the day cooking. I cooked again today. Here is the official tally after 2 days of vacation:

Dinner last night -
-Tuna steaks marinated in lemongrass, garlic, ginger and sesame oil (then rolled in sesame seeds) served on a bed of buckwheat
-sides various kinds of mushrooms and onions cooked in white wine
-garlic/balsamic yellow beans
-Mixed greens with dried cranberries, toasted almonds and ginger goat cheese served with lime mustard dressing

for later: 3 jars dill pickles

From today's cooking:

5 16oz jars of cherries
5 lbs squash, blanched and frozen for winter
1 cherry chocolate bread pudding

Sunday's plan:

4 loaves fresh bread
rhubarb conserve
cherry marmalade


Marathon Weekend is here

Marathon weekend is finally here. SpeedyIma's leg has healed and she is ready to go! Everyone in our house if full of excitement including Speedy who said "Ima will rock the marathon" before settling in for his afternoon nap. She has certainly rocked the fundraising for Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership where I work. As of now, SpeedyIma has raised just over $6700 that will help to provide housing support for low-income families and individuals in the Greater Boston area. It is not too late to give if you haven't done so. A $25 donation can go a long way when combined with the donation of others to keep someone housed. Our 3 year-old has saved $40 from the change he found around the house - what change can you give?

If you want to track SpeedyIma on race day, follow the directions on her fundraising page!

Productivity and our kitchen

I have spent today shifting our kitchen from canned beans, boxes of pasta, and other items to a system that is primarily fueled by bulk purchases of dried goods. We are shifting to home baked bread, dried beans except in emergencies and other similar by a product in the least process state we can kind of cooking possible for us.  As part of this, I have bought new bins, strategized about freezing food during the season and SpeedyIma has started a root cellar.  Next year we will freeze more food during the growing season and can twice as much pasta sauce and whole tomato as we did this year.

We are planning to start a blog to talk about our family's new food adventures and hope to include strategies for cooking with kids, discussions of food, social justice and our economic choices...for now, back to my kitchen.

Helping My Clients

SpeedyIma is running this year's Boston Marathon to raise money for my work, Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership. With the current economy, we are seeing more and more people come through our doors needing forclosure help, not being able to make rent because of job loss or who have had their services from other agencies cut.  Now more than ever we need the resources to do our work.  Many of you are not in MA and we are all struggling with the economy but I would like to ask each person who reads this to give $10, $25, or whatever you can to help someone who needs a roof over their heads.

Right now, in Boston, it is 19 degrees with a windchill of 3. We have had 42+ inches of snow in 2 months. I have 3 clients sleeping on the streets or in cars and another 40 who are on the edge of homelessness. Help me to help them but giving. Do it now, not later - they can't afford for you to wait.

Need another incentive? Anyone who gives $25 and puts a Swadfather note on the check line or on the online note, I'll send you a 5x7 photo of any image on my photography website.  


1 year anniversary

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my top surgery. Everything looks good and I have most sensation back.  My T schedule has been off for the past year because of 3 surgeries in 8 months but I'm hoping that I can get it to be more regular moving forward.

Post-surgery life has been, in many ways, so much better than pre-surgery life. I'm happier and less anxious. That said, there are things that I miss about life before - like parts of the lesbian community or feeling comfortable talking with lesbians about life before all of this.  I've been in several conversations recently with folks I didn't know before transition about life in the queer community but don't want to out myself even though I'd like to participate more in the conversation.  On the flip side, I'm looking forward to re-integrating myself into the queer community as a bi-man.  At Boston Pride last year I wasn't nearly as anxious and took the condoms that I was offered with a big smile.  I've spent so long avoiding the community that I'm still trying to figure out how to be part of it again (this time with spouse, child, career, etc).

I'm also glad that I can go and see Melissa Ferrick and others without feeling like I'm being seen as a butch dyke. I'm okay with being an uncomfortable man in a mostly female space and am learning to accept some of the things that I had to give up in order to get to this place but that doesn't make it easy sometimes...

Jay Smooth

Thanks to schemingreader for this


Photo Blog

Hi everyone,

I finally started a photo blog. Enjoy



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